In Pasir Ris Central, Singapore Condo is Better Than a Traditional House

The arrival of the new year will always be accompanied by purposes and goals to be fulfilled, and if one of yours by 2021 is to find that apartment you have dreamed of so much, you will want to read this article until the end. Here we will introduce you to the most important points that you should consider when buying a new apartment, whether you are looking to live in it or to invest.
Read carefully and take note of the tips that will help you adjust your radar the moment you start searching for that new apartment: a milestone that will mark the beginning of another stage of your life, and that you will soon be able to add to your list of accomplished goals.

# Rent or live? That is the question:When we buy an apartment to benefit from the rent, that is, as an investment method, the characteristics of the apartment we are looking for can vary considerably compared to those we would need if you want to inhabit it, so it is of the utmost importance to define at the entrance the use that we will give to the apartment.

The Ryse Residences Floor Plan

If it will definitely be to rent or resell, we will have to set aside our personal preferences to focus on those items that benefit the valorization of a project. In this sense, condominiums of social interest (also known as THE VIS type) can be an excellent option, since at the time of sale by the construction company they have a very positive value for money, which a few years after being delivered can be represented in a significant increase in the commercial value of the apartment.
Going detailed, another point that experts in the real estate sector recommend when making an investment in root apartment is to look for the apartments of the mid-range of the tower (for example, in the case of a project of 30 floors high, point to the properties of levels 10 to 15), since these are usually more attractive for people looking to rent a apartment.

In addition, one element that can add significant value to our investment is its proximity to sites of interest: projects with easy access to public transport, chain warecondos in Pasir Ris Central, Singapores, shopping malls or major roads have a high potential for valorization that is ideal for those looking for an investment in the real estate

# Pay attention to delivery times: Generally speaking, in Singapore the apartments are paid in 2 phases: the initial fee and the percentage of financing. Typically, the initial fee represents 30% of the total value of the apartment and is canceled in monthly installments from the time the sale is formalized until the date the apartment is delivered. The remaining value of the apartment (percentage of financing) is paid by the buyer by supporting a financial product such as housing credit or housing leasing, of which you can learn more in this article of our blog.

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